Barcode Printers

Barcode Printing Machine

We are also Barcode Printing Machine supplier and provider. If anyone wants that they will produce their barcode, they will need the barcode printing machine.

Barcode printers are planned for special markets. For example, Industrial barcode printer’s machines are used in great warehouses and developed facilities. So that, they have needed a large paper capacity and faster operation with longer service life.

By the side users of retail and office environments, barcode printers are more general. So by required of our consumer, we supply all types of best qualities Barcode Printing Machine.

Barcode printer (For Industrial)

Industrial printers are larger and more rugged than desktop models for high volume print applications. From a couple thousand labels per day to printing all day long, these printers are designed to hold more media and there are models that support printing from .5" to over 8" wide. You'll find printers like the Datamax I-4208 in manufacturing and distribution centers as well as large retailers. If you are printing any type of media in large volumes, industrial label printers are your most reliable option.

Mobile Barcode printer (Portable)

Mobile printers are similar to thermal label printers but provide freedom from any cable connections to a PC. Mobile printers do have a few limitations due to their small size. They are not made for very high volumes, have limited roll capacity, and have smaller print widths, usually 2", 3", or 4" max. However, if you need to make labels or receipts on the move, a mobile printer will provide you high quality print in a compact package that fits on your hip. These printers are perfect for delivery drivers or sales agents to create receipts in the field or a warehouse worker that needs to make labels on the spot. Since these printers are not tied to a fixed PC, you normally communicate to them wirelessly through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Pair a mobile printer like the Zebra QLn320 with a laptop, mobile computer, or smartphone for printing wherever you go!

Barcode printer head

Barcode printer Head: Head is an important part of a barcode printer. We individually supply barcode printer head. So if consumers need this product, they can buy this product from us. We have quality full items.

Bar code Reader

A bar code reader is an electronic device. It is used for reading a bar code. A barcode printer converts the information and output displayed on computer. A barcode reader (or barcode scanner) is an electronic device that can read and output printed bar codes to a computer. It is like a flatbed scanner. It consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. We supply the best quality of barcode reader. There are lots of bar code category. Consumers will take, what they deserve.